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video. feeds the palm of your. machine. while pro and anti-government forces in libya are still on fighting terms both sides agree on one thing the urge to the earth day and urged foreign powers to keep out of the conflict. wanted to get the results to new heights the u.s. finds president with a nice solid defense global trade and high on the agenda. and the london commuter town that's increasingly are crossing point for extremism its residents on edge as it draws both radical islamists and.
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its two pm in moscow i'm not trying to have you with us here on r t our top story violence in libya has reached a grim milestone more than a thousand are thought to have died in the fighting between rebels and government forces raw position leaders are calling for the u.n. to recognize his control both sides are urging foreign countries to stay out of the conflict or he's powerless leader has more from the libyan capital tripoli. these government forces have made advances in the town of zawiya the latest reports we have now taken over it that it is still fighting the reported in the east of the country meet will reach. out and he says because we have it suggests that some one else in turkey more happy killed him then. those numbers are we're hearing from the united nations they're saying that two hundred thousand people have so far. how they are.
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going it's go straight for the various applications critical. here at least we know that the fighting is getting closer and closer as for gadhafi himself. just yesterday tuesday here on this hotel where i'm talking to you from. the two hundred journalists waiting for some eight hours and up we had been told would be a grace conference in which he would say something he said nothing and this kind of erratic behavior where people don't really know what he's about to say what he's about to do something. in terms of how to deal with the situation on the ground and he did go on state and he did once again made pharmaceutically a great step instigating this mine and he said that they were back in the vehicles and as such they had two chances it was very much the same message. from a minister mr moussa koussa he said well. i foreigners.
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call a model of it's clear it's a plot the proof is the group has contacts with great powers and is supported by them first of all which is that they will reserves the u.k. has made several visits negotiations and offered help the same situation is with france and the u.s. great growers compete for the right to own oil gold resources and this rivalry is going on there. it's a new push on the international stage for a fly it certainly looks promising. that is for on the table just like the fact that it has been rejected by the arab league by russia and like a no fly zone might. what is important to note that it's no fly zone as indeed it seems increasingly likely that it might well have a limited impact. any kind of ground offensive which could possibly want to buy. it at the same time nato has begun. immelt surveillance
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over the country now the trolls do right to tell the information about the movements. and such they can be in into the intelligence that the greatest conducting these tools can provide. we also know that aid if it's obvious to the united kingdom is seen doing in a mission here which once again has to be concerned. on the other hand it writes an excuse for some kind of treat intervention. or his policy or porting from tripoli or bringing the full version of argues interview with libyan foreign minister moved in just over twenty minutes. our correspondent outside of boyko has been among the anti-government groups she brings us the details of developments in libya is second largest city benghazi. the five is still going on there all the towns are bragger
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and. after being starts to their rising round the opposition was able to capture marchers is to leave the uprising has stalled and it's still i'm clear where exactly the opposition and government forces are in control both sides are claiming control of various locations i'm in the city of the gods of the second largest city and the stronghold of the opposition some of the opposition leaders told us today that they're now to regroup. all of their resources and all of a half a mile under the fair and fair grounds the town of sirte reaches the hometown of gadhafi and his tribal stronghold and which is right in the middle of the road with very carefully and guys in there suggesting that these parents of may come closer to next. or not the opposition forces will be able to mount these
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contra founds if you still remains to be seen that army is pretty much just enjoy and they have reference because they're very poorly trained but at the same time the only thing that i would say is on their side is that. they're very creative in trying to find new means of finding it here's exactly what i mean our next story. they call it the vehicle of the free pickup trucks of the big cultural are in the desert but there will drive our easily conquer to treat your sense is to leave him maybe one of the very few places in europe that seems to have a look because the even the u.s. state of texas people here like this are for it's not good tea versatility and strong action and it's this fascination with tribes that allow their prizing in eastern libya to pick up steam he first thought their dog discharged a few years ago for his family. business his son at twenty five year old economics
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student now sets out for the front line says in a yes it's a very good car especially when those are we have a sedan and we'll be able to use it but now i can go and fight for my country. ever since their prizing began almost three weeks ago columns of rubble pickup trucks have been crisscrossing the desert around been gazi rebel say the vehicles and the guillotine allows them to dodge attacks from pro-government forces and has more than once saved their lives we. heard from the third row that we cared for and we were trying to escape and cumbered. get everybody through or give me a ride these old pieces of soviet or more have been rusting on the main in down from the middle of the ghazi ever since the rebels to cover they see they now serve as a playground for kids and symbols of defeat for the despised regime. this man was among hundreds of young officers who in the 1980's were sent to soviet military academies
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by get at his government now a staunch critic of the libyan leader he says tanks like the gadhafi regime have a long while to leave their days. all this heavy armor is now digital that's why pickup trucks came into humvee with modifications that can easily be converted to cut your own rocket launchers and machine guns utilizing the utility vehicles for rapid attacks is hardly a libyan invention of trucks have long been a feature of mortar and warfare you see tend to see patterns and certain vehicles are used by the u.s. military and u.s. government so it was in afghanistan before it's in afghanistan now and to them in afghanistan. it was you supplied pickup trucks that helped afghan insurgents fight soviet troops three decades ago now it's sleepy and behind the wheel and they're at a crossroads wondering which way to drive their country next some point are to see
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bin ghazi. political analyst michel chossudovsky believes there is something that could reconcile khadafi supporters with his opponents and unite against foreign intervention but majority of the population including the potence. he do not want foreign intervention because then it's an iraqi scenario and. i mean. ironically what happened is that when britain sent the so-called diplomatic mission which in fact was made up of it in my six secret agent accompanied by escorted by c.s. forces they were arrested not by the duffys forces but by the by opposition forces and and not position said no we should be here this is interference of good friends of a sovereign country and the geopolitical implications of bar reaching it's essentially what is what washington is aiming at is to establish
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a sphere of influence in north africa. establish control over these oil reserves which constitute billions and billions of dollars of proceeds for the oil companies that public opinion has been misinformed dramatic and what is actually going on in this country. stay with us here at r.t. coming your way in a few minutes the website that put government secrets on the map way before we can leaks but what's lurking behind these doors pioneering online whistleblower gives us a guided tour of new york to explain its paranoid policing. first u.s. vice president joe biden is and ask out two years after russia and the u.s. deciding to reset their relations he's one of the key drivers of change in the direction and wants to upgrade what's already been achieved to a never before level or he's a cat or you've got troubles following his person. but it was actually joe biden
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who first introduced the phrase which has become legendary to push the reset button to describe obama's efforts to improve relations with russia now two years old this visit is aimed at assessing where relations stand to meet ways group president obama's term and to try to put the progress in this recess but the timing of the visit is perfect it comes on the hills of the success moving with a new strategic arms reduction treaty though some very touchy issues are still very high on the agenda between moscow and washington like the contentious issue of missile defense in europe after years of opposition the u.s. finally agreed to clued washup in negotiation with nato on m. and a ballistic missile plan for europe which the u.s. believes could be needed to go around comes up with nuclear weapons but russia wants to be offered an adequate level of cooperation on that side and for many
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years this talk big has been one of the main the returns in relations between the two in other touchy issues that we need to mosco has sold w two accession for it for a decade and a half now it's way more than any other member of the organization and of course the chronon expects from its washington partner more than just rhetoric on both sides both those why it's because indeed in the russian media regarding why joe biden is in most states and one of the popular versions was that the treaty could be seen as a sign that grok obama openly supports president medvedev in the country's next presidential poll however the u.s. office dismissed those claims and so it's not up to them to influence russia's domestic affairs and that they also stress that apart from meeting with the current political leaders joe biden will be also holding talks with civil society leaders and with the opposition leaders any of whom could be a potential candidate for russia. when
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a year from now to put those stakes elations aside ward so will most certainly be put on the table in talks with prime minister pollution and present the data of aids the current police gold prices in the middle east peace be is very high on the agenda it's a very pressing the she as the u.s. is considering imposing imposing a no fly zone over libya and of course the u.s. needs russia's support in that as russia has a veto on the u.n. security council without it saying yes to no fly zone it could not be enforced. remember archie diatom is there for you around the clock with news and analysis that we're covering here's what's online for you right now well from the russia these are the changes that mean for the war birds want to leave their families behind. and be careful where you drill shell shock her residence in a moscow apartment building after a second world war a bomb was discovered in the walls all the details about r.t. dot com.
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in the wake of a swedish suicide bombing british police are tracing the attackers history fear tracing the attackers history fear terrorist cells are more deeply rooted than they thought is a broad new spot right back to one town that has drawn infamy for its links to extremism not only to the stockholm terrorists live there but it was also the starting point for the london two bombers final journey say its residents are increasingly on edge is are to use laura and it reports. mosques hit jobs and how i'll meet shops a scene straight from the pathology of the orient but this is luton north of london home to some twenty five thousand muslims of british and origins one of them was time or. better in
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a now as the stockholm bomber abdul khatib bashed knew him and describes a volatile character rejected by the community at large when he was here he was challenged his ideologies is pinky's were challenged we challenged him and when we were as he was and we expose him to everybody every member of this of this muslims community got upset he got up he walked out and we never saw him again the next day heard our abdullah had blown himself our kids we did and that's just the latest claim to infamy for luton which is fast becoming known as a hotbed extremism breeds extremism and in steps the english defense league committed to protecting england from what they see as a wave of islam is a leader tommy robinson believes he's walking where others fear to tread. marking. with grave concerns in our community and we need somebody to voice them in terms of politicians and. a band so the a.d.l.
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kulu to their home although others say their roots are in football hooliganism they recently held the biggest ever march through the town ahead of which robinson says the police told him his life was in danger you have been in for years they may be appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future the town of new sin has undeniable links to islamic extremism including most recently the stockade for much he spent time here and that in turn leads directly to the price of groups like the e.t.l. who believe being in pain you get on just right meanwhile the people at least and see their town in the headlines because of extremists from both sides. the fence the town's m.e.p. says the boss majority if you live in harmony and a distressed by their homes image but we can do a pace and in harmony and point a page for me and show you that the forest forest majority has this town and in
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this country who face you know police to do accept this who can i say shake me to no one in here is still capable of his family plays england for telling him for the noble boy into a fanatic some points to unemployment and social deprivation is the reason for the extremes founded lee said that task lays the blame squarely at the doors of the government before nine eleven we have never had these but the start of issues lou this is the event since nine eleven it was part of policy that's what spots where they stop going is iraq you know it you know it illegal war killing women children so it was awful going to afghanistan you know carpet bombing indiscriminately meanwhile walls thousands of miles away make their presence felt in looted where every so often shopkeepers pulled up the town center and prepare for the hurricane of extremism to pass three. knutson. turned out as another stories making headlines across the globe a suicide bomber struck at
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a funeral procession in northwest pakistan killing at least thirty six and being more than one hundred others blast was targeted at local anti taliban militiamen who were there the explosion comes a day after a car bomb killed twenty people and injured dozens in pakistan's third largest city for us all about. hundreds of iraqi workers have gathered in baghdad to rally for higher wages and demand a nationwide boost to industry is the latest in a string of demonstrations that are also drawing attention to the country's severe unemployment going for quality public services the previous rally known as a day of rage escalated into violence that led to fourteen deaths security forces are also being accused of targeting protesters. well before wiki leaks invaded the headlines another web site was busy exposing secrets but instead of classified information this was a blower zooms in on security clyde official buildings in the u.s. or his laura lister joined its co-founder for revealing for. a winter's day
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rendezvous with an unusual tour guide and critic critic we are here with john young he started the website or he got to the game about ten years before wiki leaks did write releasing classified and secret documents of governments from all over the world on his site and another thing that he does is he goes all over photographing what you call sensitive sites right here where word near some right now he photographs them and put them on his website for the world to see and he's going to tag along and he's going to show us new york city through his eyes we begin outside the federal courthouse where terrorism suspects are tried photos john is published of places like this as well as the police and judicial headquarters known as the ring of steel where he's taking us now have led the f.b.i. to visit him and critics to say he's putting national security at risk in the contrary as it should be sure there's a risk to our society this is the third world the cure is to rebuild and notice all
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the burghers here john says post nine eleven america has amounted to a buildup of secrecy seen all over areas like this in what he calls security theater. at the. time there's an officer around every corner that wants to know what we're doing they claim they're going through this it will shorten trip john opposes the fortress looking buildup like this secured entrance outside the prosecutor's offices he also thinks in this particular case it's a de quoi i go there to prosecutors or an office building to not john is an architect by trade so he reads buildings like books and the biggest thing he sees coming out of this area is the money being made from the three huge goodness which they call them government. version but they're huge because they should concord all cloaked in secrecy just down the street this federal building houses the f.b.i. there's an underground driveway for the purply quick enough but john has discovered it's not all is for medical as it seems
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a picture of tyranny to ensure. you know despite all of these discoveries there is one place john hasn't found a cia office next stop wall street the first purportedly the world's largest repository of gold yes even more than fort knox housed mostly for other countries behind this wall of the new york federal reserve eight feet of concrete there's nothing for someone to walk to get it but much gold and filming around the financial center of arguably the world we are met with skepticism the third officer of the day. nonetheless the tour goes on wall street brings a cobblestone pavement to make it look more and more security if you get into it you see that a lot of security is showboating because not much financial action truly happens here anymore john says the point of seeing the security first hand though is to question more should we really be pointing just we're going to enter the showboating operation which i'm trying to mislead the hyperbole about this threat
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is all these recalls if you start trying not to include all the information is out there go look lauren lyster r.t. new york. angry melican is up next exposing all the secrets of the business world in our business update stay with us. hello and welcome to our business bulletin thanks for joining me russia's economy is seeing a windfall from a steep rise in global energy prices on the back of instability in the middle east and north africa and north africa well producing cartel opec is considering increasing or production to boost declining world output however analysts say this situation could help russia win new customers in asia it's time for russia because in the last couple of years in the last year in particular russia has made great strides in supplying oil to the far east particularly through eastern siberia pipeline and through the port of cosmonaut there and into china you know i think so
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far joe russia is not a little bit of a p.r. battle on its hands because most asian consumers which after all is the growth markets tend to prefer supplies out of the middle east because they're known for being stable and reliable this these events of the last few weeks that really caused a lot of importers to pause for thought to get the japanese the careers of the chinese and i think it's making them more favorably disposed to building up a relationship with russia where they might not have been before russia's oil majors are also looking across the atlantic the country's largest product produced a loop oil and scouting for investments in u.s. shale fields also wants to use u.s. high tech drilling technology in russia's oil rich show that posits as they difficult to drill for companies already expanding in western siberia which is thought to hold largely sources of liquid hydrocarbons. while surging energy prices threaten colonies with higher inflation but just keen to keep it in check as prime minister wants the energy ministry and the answer not only service to keep an eye
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on the domestic petrarch. to live with them in your twenty's must be market based because you know the countries will produce and speculation and corporate collusions must be excluded must be destroyed the point of supply and not going any administrative. now let's look at how the markets are doing here is europe where stocks are trading mixed this is down over a quarter of a percent while the dax is point four percent. largest aspace. gaining over four percent after announcing net profit of seven hundred forty million dollars for two thousand and ten rolls royce group is also up on news of a joint venture with time that. is down three percent. and here in russia markets are trading in the red after today's break they're actually mixed right now because i.r.t. has a slightly slightly down sliding all prices driving investors from energy stocks to other sectors let's look at some individual share moves banks are on the rise supported by positive results of bank of america scrap bank is gaining one after
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sign on both of course there's a lot of it nickel and copper futures are weighing on metal stocks with nickel shedding almost eight percent. and or prices are drifting lower although fundamental support remains in the middle east shows no signs of abating brant is trading at one hundred twelve dollars per barrel together with w t i which has dropped to one hundred four dollars over. the cost of insuring russia's debt against defaulters going to its lowest levels in more than two years old prices are helping the world's largest energy exporter this year's record by so-called credit default swaps slipped to one hundred twenty three in the last two weeks the biggest drop of any nation investors' confidence and russia's ability to repay debts is growing after the conflict in libya threaten oil supplies for the region a quarter of the russian budget comes from oil and gas and high crude prices helprin
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the plant growing by around seventeen billion dollars. so we update out for you but you can always find all stars in our website r.t. dot com clashed. with.
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wealthy british style holds a spot on. the . market. will find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports. if. any is eve
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